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Pigeon Peristaltic PLUS Wide Neck Teat (2pk)

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  • The Pigeon Peristaltic Plus Wide Neck Teats aim to be the closest teat to a mothers nipple helping to easily transition between breast and bottle. The New Peristaltic PLUS Wide Neck Nursing Bottle focus on the 3 key factors of Sucking - Attachment , Peristaltic Movement and Swallowing. Teat Sizes Available: SS - For Babies who drink 50 ml in 10 minute (The tip of the teat is a round hole so the milk will drip out with out baby needing to put too much effort in. Perfect for very young babies as their jaws are less developed. S - Round Hole for Babies from 1 month old M - Cross Cut for Babies from 3 months old L - Cross Cut for Babies from 6 months old Features: A textured surface makes for a more successful latching experience A wider nipple base for improved suction A nipple radius to fit perfectly in the roof of your baby's mouth Tough but soft silicone Soft and flexible nipple tip, just like a mother's nipple Nipple sizes vary to match your baby's development. Please Note: The old Peristaltic Wide Neck Teats are not interchangeable with the New Bottles and the Old Bottles are interchangeable with the New Wide Neck Teats. Only The Wide Neck Bottles have changed.

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