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Groovy Gripper

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  • The Groovy Gripper is specifically designed to enable an infant to independently eat a rusk, fresh food stick or ice block while keeping it clean and always within their reach. The Groovy Gripper handle has a cord and clip that attaches to the child’s wrist or clothing. The Groovy Gripper’s teeth securely grip onto finger foods and eliminates the need for parents to be constantly picking up and throwing out uneaten food. If the child drops the handle the clip and cord prevent the food from falling onto the floor. Fruits and vegetables can be cut to size for a great healthy snack for infants and toddlers. Fresh fruits such as watermelon are perfect for cutting into sticks, freezing then popping into the Groovy Gripper handle for refreshing summer-time icey poles and are perfect for RELIEVING TEETHING pain.

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