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ClevaMama Swaddle To Sleep (0-3 months)



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  • Medical research suggests that properly swaddled babies sleep better for longer. The ClevaMama Swaddle to Sleep will make baby so snug and secure that your baby will feel like they are still in their mother's womb. The swaddle has a snug upper body wrap that swaddles your baby helping to prevent startle reflex whilst the lower part remains loose and not restricting so their hips and legs have enough room to move naturally, promoting "hip health" and helping to prevent Hip Dysplasia.

    Suitability:Newborn to 3 Months 

    • Wrap and swaddle your baby for a peaceful night's sleep
    • Recreates the comforting security of the womb
    • Allows natural hip & leg movement helping to prevent Hip Dysplasia
    • Easy to use adjustable wraps means baby can stay swaddled as they grow.

    It is suggested that once your baby starts rolling you should transition them to a sleeping bag and allow them to roll naturally.

    Composition: 100% soft breathable cotton.

    1. Place Baby in Swaddle

    2. Tuck wing from one side to the other making sure it is under chin and over arms

    3. Wrap other wing, ensuring the mouth and nose are not covered. Wrapping should not be too tight and allow plenty of room for legs to bend and move freely.

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    Be Cautious

    • Ensure the wings do not cover the infant's mouth or nose and that the wings are wrapped below the chin.
    • Discontinue use of product if the fastenings are damaged.
    • Swaddling does not need to be tight to be effective therefore ensure your baby is not rigidly wrapped and has enough room to bend their legs to help prevent hip dysplasia.
    • Be aware of room temperature and clothing to ensure baby does not overheat.
    • Always place your baby to sleep on their back.
    • Check your crib meets safety standards and use a properly fitted mattress and sheet.
    • Do not use this product once your baby can roll over onto their tummy. 

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