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Welcome to our Gift Registry!

Let Babyography assist you to put together a list of both practical and beautiful gifts so friends and family can share in the wonder and excitement of your upcoming new arrival. By creating a gift registry with Babyography, it will help you ensure that you get both the gifts you need and, of course, the ones you just have to have.

Create your dream wish list from our beautiful range of prams, cots, nursery décor, Manchester and much, much more.

Our helping hand

How to create your Babyography registry in 3 EASY STEPS

  1. Create a Babyography Account if you haven’t already.
  2. Fill out the form Below form to create a Gift Registry Profile
  3. If you wish to collect the gifts in store, let your family and friends know by writing a comment in the Registry Public Description” tab of the form.
  4. Go Shopping! Click "Add to Registry" for products you want added to your gift registry.
  5. That's it you're done, share with all your friends and family!

Note: Please read all "Gift Registry Terms and Conditions" before you create a gift registry.

Editing your registry

Log in to your Babyography Account and click on "Manage Gift Registry" to edit quantities or delete products. To add additional products just click the "Add To Registry" button on any product page.

Sharing your registry

Also this when you first click in to Gift Registries under “Welcome to our Gift Registry”

Can we put:

“The gift registry at Babyography offers an easy to use great customer experience with the finest gift selection and personal service. Whether you are creating your dream gift list or simply purchasing from one, Babyography will help make it as enjoyable as possible.”

The in the “Find a Gift Registry” Section

Can we put:

“Purchasing a gift from a gift registry is super easy with Babyography. Search via first or last name and a list of available gift registries will appear. Pick your family member or friends name and the products available for purchase will appear”.